Fast Facts

• Thousands of acres of public land surround Newcastle

• Both the Serenity Trail and the Flying V Trails are within a short drive of Newcastle

• Get maps at the local Forest Service Office

Whether you’re looking for the trail less traveled, or well groomed trails, the Newcastle area has a lot to offer. There are thousands of acres of public land, well groomed trails and the scenery that makes the trip enjoyable!

Whether you prefer to trek down the trail less traveled, or follow a well-groomed path, the Newcastle area offers numerous opportunities for hiking.

Thousands of acres of public land, ranging from the vast Thunder Basin National Grassland to the timbered and scenic Black Hills, are available to outdoor enthusiasts. Within a short distance of Newcastle, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy over 400,000 acres of Forest Service managed land. According to the Forest Service, the Black Hills are home to 450 miles of trails ranging in both length and difficulty. Information is available at the Forest Service office in Newcastle, located at 1225 Washington Street, or in an online directory that enables recreationist to review location, difficulty and the length. We recommend coupling online research with a visit to the local Forest Service office for more detailed information.

The Newcastle community has taken great pride in development of the Serenity Trail where either a two or four-mile trek is available. Regardless of the route, you’re treated to beautiful views of the Black Hills, an improved picnic area and a sign that shares the Serenity Prayer for which the trail is named. Educational signs along the path allow hikers to learn a little more about the area and its wildlife as they walk. Local trail enthusiasts maintain a Facebook page featuring the trail and its beauty.

Just north of Newcastle, the Flying V Trails offer hiker and bikers over 500 acres of trail access and 11 individual trails. According to, a website geared toward mountain biking enthusiasts, the difficulty level of these trails is intermediate and there’s some variation between the individual trails in the area. There’s a mixture of single track, two-track and skid trails. Access to the trails is located along Highway 85, on the opposite side of the highway from the historic Flying V Lodge.

Newcastle, just a short drive from the trails, offers ample amenities for an overnight stay and dining. Trek down Main Street for a glimpse of historic architecture, local art and to photograph one of Wyoming’s most magnificent and historic courthouses.

Several well-maintained biking trails are within a short drive of Newcastle. For those who prefer a more rugged experience, there are thousands of acres of Forest Land available for the public’s enjoyment.