Fast Facts

• Newcastle combines a small-town caring environment with modern medical conveniences

• Newcastle schools are large enough to ensure your child is offered many opportunities, but small enough that they receive one-on-one attention

Newcastle may be a “small town” by most standards, but we have those amenities that are so important to a healthy community. Numerous volunteers and community leaders have worked diligently ensuring quality medical care, are readily available. We also take great pride in our schools and are proud of the high-quality teachers who call our community home and dedicate their days to teaching our children.

Weston County Health Services
Regional Health Clinic
Mondell Heights Assisted Living • 307-746-3228
Northern Wyoming Mental Health Services
North Platte Physical Therapy
RENEW, services for people with disabilities and their families
Newcastle Vision Clinic
Black Hills Dental
Elliott Chiropractic • 307-746-9200

Newcastle offers a quality education and recreational opportunities for its young people via Weston County School District #1, the Newcastle Christian Academy and the Weston County Children’s Center (307-746-4560). The Community Recreation Director does a great deal to bring additional opportunities to the community. Weston County Library offers children’s programs.